Walk for Rice at Tanglin

Thursday, March 25, 2010

The children of Y2-4 at Tanglin Trust school have braved the March tropical rain storms and raised just over $1000 for the First Hand food program, by participating in a walk for Rice held in the Singapore Botantic Gardens on Thursday.

The walk for Rice event encouraged the children to work together as a class and carry the equivalent in weight of 2800 bowls of rice. To represent this the children each carried two litre bottles of water in their back pack. This weight equated to the amount of rice needed to feed the 50 children in the Neak Leong centre for one month.

The children raised money by asking for sponsorship for this task and had to walk 1km whilst carrying their backpacks. Although they class found it very tiring, especially during the rain storm, but they did not complain at all.

Cathy Clarke, who organized the walk and is mother of Sean who participated with his class said “I am so proud of all the kids for their compassion and real genuine interest in what they are doing and why they are doing it”.

Class Y2 -4 has now raised an amazing total of just over $1900 so far this year. Before Christmas they collected bags of recycling and worked diligently in creating awareness of how hard many children in Cambodia have to forage daily in the dump area for recyclable items to sell just to scrape a living. Through this programme $920 was raised.

A big thank you from First Hand to all the children who participated in the Walk for Rice and also for all those who helped support the children with sponsorship.

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