About First Hand

First Hand is a group of Singapore-based volunteers dedicated to helping vulnerable children and families in Cambodia. It is run 100% by volunteers.

At First Hand we are committed to a ‘hands on’ approach. It is crucial to maintain an ongoing relationship with our service partners to understand their changing needs. In Singapore we focus our efforts on raising money through events and collecting suitable donations from friends of First Hand. All of our fundraising events for overseas partners are overseen by the Singapore Commissioner of Charities under the Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth.

Since 2008, the First Hand team, along with our families, have regularly visited the centres that we help support and we have built up strong bonds there. Our organising committee is made up of 100% volunteers, with no financial compensation for those involved. Trips overseas are made entirely at the expense of the volunteers.

First Hand is a Singapore Registered Society UEN: T08SS0216L under the Ministry of Home Affairs.


The First Hand team aims to:

  • Provide practical and financial support to those most in need in Southeast Asia, particularly in Cambodia
  • Seek out others concerned about the plight of those in need in the region
  • Nurture relationships between those that need help in the region and those wanting to help
  • Provide our members with personal, meaningful ways of aiding those in need

Board and Management Committee Members

  • Gitte Faldmo (Member at-large)
  • Kathy Lewis (Treasurer)
  • Victoria Giaever-Enger (President)
  • Annette Woschek (Vice-President)
  • Jordan Ashmore (Secretary)
  • Tina Madsen
  • Kate Drewer
  • Marisa Howie
  • Jeanette Seng
  • Nirvana Wadhera
  • Shivangi Bagri
  • Catriona Morgan
  • Katie Meade-King
  • Sandi Tonich
  • Sandra Faria
  • Evelyn Abbott
  • Josephine Murdock
  • Karin Hesse
  • Kriti Anand
  • Amar Bedi